Business Development Strategy

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Our objective is to evolve and remain in step with the times and the markets that are changing so quickly like relations between human beings and technology.

For us, research and innovation are two vital strategic aspects: we make product lines that are always up to date – in line with the requirements of people and technologies – and competitive, offering unique accessories through the range and customisation, and we guarantee efficient distribution in over 60 countries.

Strategic Pillars

A rapidly-changing market requires the most advanced analysis, proposal and reaction capacities. The audio segment (in which we are present with the “Cellularline”, “AQL” and “MusicSound” brands), for example, represents an opportunity for expanding the group’s portfolio and sales for two main reasons: the European growth trend for this type of products, and the company’s proven ability to offer an increasingly wider range of audio accessories to use with smartphones.


In addition, important projects in wireless recharging are currently being developed which, like the entire charging sector, represents a further opportunity for growth.


The decision to invest in Coverlab, on the other hand, represents the desire not only to more decisively enter online D2C distribution but also the wish to respond to another emerging trend, customisation.

We intend to continue expansion in international markets, specifically in the EMEA, exploiting our competitive position, first and foremost, in the major countries in which the Group already has a good position (Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Benelux and Switzerland). Our strategy is to increase the presence of our brands in the various distribution channels.
We anticipate growth in different physical channels, including Travel Retail and the Telco channel. Specifically, in the Travel Retail channel we plan to strengthen our partnerships with the leading operators in the sector selling products (in duty free shops) at airports, while in the Telco channel growth will mainly be supported by sales resulting from new commercial agreements with telephony operators.
The upgrading and strengthening of our technology platforms are under way thanks to ongoing investment in the development of SAP Hybris and proprietary systems. Consolidation of technology is the basis of our corporate expansion strategy in a constantly-changing market. Supported by the growth and development of in-house expertise, it is directed at the solid, sustainable growth of e-commerce, to be implemented both through the marketplace, proprietary and third-party websites, and the digital platforms of operators, telco and consumer electronics.
We aim to strengthen our competitive position through the acquisition of companies operating in our sector or adjacent sectors, both in Italy and abroad in the different channels.
The range of added-value services at retail sales outlets is a business opportunity that, on the one side, allows the partnership with the sales outlets to be strengthened and, on the other side, makes it possible to increase the interest of the final customer to access the physical sales outlet.