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The Reggio-Emilia based company, Cellular Italia S.p.A., established in 1990 as a company for distributing the first mobile phones, was launched in the nineties with the Cellularline brand.

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Soon after, thanks to the success of the initiative, the company began the production of mobile phone devices on a regular basis, consolidating its presence in Italy and starting to export products abroad. Growth and change are the words that epitomise Cellularline’s first twenty years.

In 2005 the company became a group, and in 2013, when L Capital joined this marked a new development journey towards the internationalisation of the brand and distribution in more than 60 countries. In 2018, Cellularline joined AIM Italia, while the next year it became part of the MTA.

Our History


The acquisition of Coverlab, the brand with development and distribution entirely online, the leader in Italy for the production of customised covers.


The acquisition of Worldconnect AG, the global market leader in premium travel adapters through the Skross brand.


The historic move to the MTA, STAR segment run by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. & the acquisition of SYSTEMA, a company specialised in the field of Telephone Operators at an international level through the supply of accessories for smartphones and management systems for the 2018 Telephone Specialist sales outlets.


Business combination with growth and listing on the stock exchange (AIM Italia).


The company becomes the leader in Europe in the market for accessories for mobile devices.


L Capital (a private equity fund supported by LVMH) buys the majority shareholding and an important growth project is launched.


The Interphone business unit is established, dedicated to the development and marketing of communication instruments and accessories dedicated to the world of two wheels.


Cellular Italia achieves distribution in more than 50 countries globally.


Cellular Italia becomes a group, extending its leadership to new distribution channels and new product segments.


A complete range of accessories for mobile phones is developed.


Cellular Italia S.p.A. is established.