Cellularline is pleased to inform you that, as part of its mission to responsibly and ethically manage its business – including upholding the highest possible standards – and in implementation of the Act nr. 24 on the 10th March, 2023, concerning “the protection of people who report violations of Union law,” it has implemented a system that allows employees and all external stakeholders, as required by the law, who are in possession of information about violations, referable to Cellularline employees and/or third parties who have or have had dealings with the Company, to privately report non-compliant behavior.Reportable behaviors may concern the violation of national or European Union regulatory provisions that harm the public interest or Cellularline’s integrity, as well as violations of the Code of Ethics, Organizational Model 231, and the system of rules and procedures adopted by Cellularline with the aim of defining an organic structure of oversight aimed at preventing the risk of committing crimes and improving corporate governance. The same Sustainable Innovation path pursued by Cellularline sees as a central driver the definition of strategies and development plans at the Governance level.

We specify that the report must be “circumstantiated” (i.e., characterized by a sufficient degree of details to allow the identification of useful elements for the purpose of verifying the merits of the report).

The internal channels implemented by Cellularline for the transmission of reports guarantee, also through the use of encryption tools, the protection of confidentiality about the identity of the reporter, the person involved and/or otherwise mentioned in the report, the content of the report and the related documentation. Cellularline has also implemented measures to protect the reporter, such as the prohibition of retaliation.

The report can be made in written or oral form through the tool of the dedicated IT platform that can be reached through the following link, or in paper form by sending a letter to the following address:


Organismo di Vigilanza di Cellularline S.p.a.
c/o Cellularline S.p.a.
Via G. Lambrakis n. 1/A
42122 – Reggio Emilia


All reports will be treated confidentially by the Organismo di Vigilanza, which will be supported by the appointed Internal Auditor and/or external consultants appointed for this purpose, to carry out any preliminary activities.The company, following the reports received and the investigation carried out by the OdV, may take action to remedy violations of laws, regulations, guidelines and industry codes and prevent them from further recurring and/or worsening.

Reports will be handled according to the Whistleblowing Reporting Procedure that can be downloaded from the following link:

If you have any questions about reporting unethical behavior, your rights, how the investigation process works, or any other related topic, please feel free to contact the Organismo di Vigilanza at the following e-mail address:

In addition to internal reporting, as required by the law, the whistleblower may make an external report to the A.N.A.C or through public disclosure if the legal conditions are met. Guidelines on procedures for submitting and handling external reports will be published on the A.N.A.C website.