Group Brands

Being a leader doesn’t only mean excellence in terms of quality and design, but also placing the various needs of users at the centre of operations. We offer an extremely varied range of products thanks to the innovative offerings of all of our 14 brands.

The major ones are:



This is the reference brand at a European level in the market of smartphone and table accessories. Thanks to a painstaking product strategy, based on excellent quality, design and innovation, Cellularline offers solutions in line with technology trends, constantly striving to combine excellent performance with ease of use.


Launched in 2020, Ploos stands out for minimalist design and functionality and offers excellent value for money which allows Cellularline to reinforce its presence in several EMEA markets and channels in which there are wide margins for development. Composed of a range of around 50 products, it includes the Cellularline main brand range and is mainly made up of audio, recharging and car accessories.

I brand del Gruppo - Brand Ploos
I brand del gruppo - Brnad Audio Quality Lab


This brand is dedicated to the world of music that interprets and meets the requirements of all users. This range combines technological innovation and distinctive design with unique characteristics to satisfy all types of listening, combining the needs of enjoying music with those of conversation.


This is an audio brand whose DNA adds colour and imagination. It conveys a new point of view in the world of music that is the point of view of style. Eye-catching, colourful accessories for a young audience that loves listening to music at home and on the move and, at that same time, loves being noticed. All of this plus a strong focus on value for money.


These are the brands that the group created exclusively for the Specialist Telecom channel at a European level. The wide range of products on offer is capable of satisfying all the needs of a Telco sales outlet and maximising the attachment rate. The brands are known on the market for both their excellent quality/price ratio and for the sustainability of the chain.


This is the brand that identifies a line of accessories with innovative solutions dedicated to communication on the move between motorcyclists. Thanks to the extreme functionality and reliability of its devices, Interphone products have become the ideal companion for travelling or in the city.

Brand - Skross


It is the brand leader in the segment of premium travel adapters. Its specific devices and peripheral power supplies for individual countries can be found in over 600 sales outlets in the Travel Retail channel.


This is the brand for travel adapters and other charging solutions that includes the Skross brand mail offering, with a value for money price positioning.

Brand - Q2 Power
Brand - Coverlab


It is the brand leader in Italy for smartphone customised accessories that aims to satisfy the sophisticated, growing requirements of fashion lovers and those who want to be on-trend.