Our journey toward sustainable innovation

In the Cellularline Group, sustainability is a journey of growth and continuous improvement.

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We started our journey toward sustainability in a period of profound change, which posed great challenges for us. We are aware that the world has changed profoundly, our attitudes have changed, as have our requirements and relations with others. We have become aware of the impacts that our business has on the planet and the effects of our activities on people, whether we are talking about employees or the communities in which we operate.

On account of this awareness, we are working with even greater commitment to reach the targets that we set for ourselves and to create a 360-degree sustainable model in which development, inclusion, sharing and giving back to the area go hand in hand.

It is with this intention in mind that we have launched a transformation with three routes:







Since 2021 we have been applying our three routes in a plan of strategic objectives involving 6 areas:

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To analyse our impacts, we used the international standard developed and promoted by the B Lab non-profit organisation known as BIA: Benefit Impact Assessment.

The use of the BIA facilitates the process of reporting performance in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards thanks to the existing collaboration agreement between B Lab and GRI.

Our reports review the areas of impact measured in the B Impact Assessment, telling the stories, for each of them, that gave us the most satisfaction together with our commitments for the future.

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Thanks to the journey that we have started out on, we are familiar with the areas in which we create value, as well as those where our contribution still has room to grow and where we are committed to taking decisive steps, with sustainability as the driver of success.

Find out more in our official reports

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Other Group initiatives

Treedom SEED the FUTURE
The Cellularline forest – Green events on Treedom

Discover the Cellularline forest! Our commitment to fighting climate change is serious and can be measured, just like the Treedom forest.

Cellularline Oasis

Why don’t you adopt a beehive in the Cellularline Group Oasis.
There are already more than 300,000 bees in the beehive family.
Discover the 3Bee technology to protect beehives and bees and protect biodiversity reducing our footprint on the planet.

The LIBELLULA Foundation
join the Libellula Network

The Libellula Foundation was established for the purpose of acting on a cultural level to prevent and combat violence against women and gender discrimination. Also, thanks to the Libellula Network we have launched a journey with activities dedicated to collaborators* on themes of Equality & Inclusion. The Foundation also offers support to women in difficulties through social-impact projects.

The UNORA Committee
Join the UNORA Committee

The non-profit Unora Committee ( composed of ActionAid Italia, AISLA, ENPA, Associazione Centro La Tenda, Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, Fondazione Mission Bambini, Fondazione Operation Smile and Fondazione ABIO, is committed to promoting the Giving Payroll in Italy: an innovative way of collecting funds that allows employees of a company to donate one hour of their work subtracting it directly from their pay packet.