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We are committed to searching for innovative solutions for both products and packaging, which complement our finished products, for an output with an excellent sustainability performance.

Success stories


Quality DNA

Our Quality DNA programme, launched in 2018, involves a collection of values and initiatives that make our products stand out. Managing to communicate our uniqueness on the market, in line with the definition in the Quality DNA, allows us to show the real differences in value which are a feature of our products in the eyes of people and enables us, at the same time, to provide our partners with a differentiated, solid, secure product offering.

To make our products original, distinctive and different from others we are always committed to guaranteeing:

BECOME line, range of eco-friendly accessories

Not only the products, also the packaging of BECOME has been chosen to be sustainable: each package is made entirely of FSC recycled paper, ensuring the absence of plastic elements.

To ensure full recyclability of the paper used as packaging, natural glues are used to seal the package making the paper totally free of polymeric


Use of eco-sustainable compounds


in the cases


in the chargers and leads



products that can be sold in the BECOME range (22 cases, 2 Airpods cases, 2 chargers, 4 leads)


of packaging is plastic free with the use of recycled and recyclable FSC-certified paper

We have started on a journey of re-engineering packaging so that it is simpler for the consumer to separate the different components and recycle them correctly



of FULL PAPER packaging out of the total packaging that can be sold



less plastic used in the composition of the packaging compared with 2020



of the paper used for the packaging is FSC certified

Future undertakings

New investments in the development of products based on recyclable materials to reduce environmental impacts

Adoption of a specific Code of Ethics for B2B and B2C communication, consistent with Group values

Product development policy with high sustainability standards

Consolidation of partnerships with suppliers for exploiting production waste from a circular economy perspective

Completion of the packaging revision process (full paper/tech pack re-engineering)

Improvement of the supply chain with continuous analysis and evaluation of environmental and social impacts

If you want to know more

to consult the full version of our ESG Report.