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A dual thrust towards innovation and sustainability is the feature of our current situation and what characterizes the market context of the future

Success stories


Omnichannel strategy

A new operating model focused on the integrated implementation of proprietary e-Commerce, marketplaces and our commercial partners’ websites for the development of hybrid customer journeys.

Commercial service and consultancy for trade

Training plan aimed at developing the technical skills of vendors on products and technologies; commercial expertise in translating product characteristics into sales arguments; relational and communication skills and proactive attitudes.

Improvement of the customer experience

Joint management model for accessories to be applied to the online world, which allows us to define a better approach to the purchasing journey of our customers.


Future undertakings

Live the Excellence

We want to continue to raise our stakeholder awareness and engagement in ESG strategies, projects and activities by organising an ad hoc created event.

Market research

Further research designs are planned for 2023 to understand the needs of owners of digital devices and accessories, while exploring and exploding new business opportunities.

New brand

In order to confirm our commitment to the promotion of sustainable initiatives and practices, a new brand, NEWRBAN, is in the pipeline, which will cover a new range of products in new types of stores. In greater detail, we will provide products dedicated to sustainable electric mobility (electric bicycles, scooters, etc.).

Materiality matrix

We will engage our stakeholders in the creation of the future materiality matrix and in the recent changes that follow.

If you want to know more

to consult the full version of our ESG Report.