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At the basis of everything we do are people, not resources. People who infuse their work not only with skills and abilities, but also with passion and emotion

Success stories


Listening to our people

We want to listen to ideas and understand the needs of our people, and to do this we have opened a channel for discussion with our employees through a survey dedicated to them.

Smart working Policy

Our smart-working journey was born out of the need to adopt a remote-working model as a response to the pandemic, to guarantee the continuity of business processes while protecting the safety of everyone.


Leadership Programme

We have set ourselves the goal, through the Leadership Programme, of developing leadership and people management skills, generating value through the development of relations with people focused on care and self-development


skills that define the leadership profile


focus skills dedicated to professionals


months training for all front-line management


months training for second-line management


Training ESG

We consider the need to create greater awareness within the Group surrounding the issues of environmental and social sustainability and governance as an imperative. For this we have decided to include these issues in internal communication and training courses.

Equality & Inclusion Approach

We promote a stimulating work environment, open to the unique nature of every person, inclusive, innovative and transparent, in which all employees are respected and feel involved and empowered.


of employees are less than 35 years old


of new hires were in the 18-35 age group


of employees were on permanent contracts

Future undertakings

Digitalisation of the on-boarding process

Management training

ESG training

Parenting support programme

Initiatives in schools and universities

If you want to know more

click here to consult the full version of our ESG Report.